The silky bookworm

The silky bookworm is a bookmark, handcrafted with an old silk tie. It comes wrapped up in an envelope imprinted with the story of silk.

It is about the silk moth that lays an egg on a mulberry leaf and about the silkworm who spins a beautiful thread to make its cocoon. The silk is reeled off and used to make a precious silk tie. Old, torn or just out of fashion, the tie is transformed into a worm once more. As a silky bookworm, it likes the paper leaves of your favourite books. And flying along, there is a colourful Buttertie.


Technical Specification

The Very silky bookworm measures 17 cm x 3.5 cm and the Buttertie has a wingspan of 7 cm. If you order your own custom made piece you van choose the size of the Buttertie: Small, Medium or Large.

S: Wingspan ~ 5cm

M: Wingspan ~ 6 cm

L: Wingspan ~ 7cm

XL: Wingspan ~ 8cm

If you would like to have your own silky bookworm made from one of your old ties please contact me