Things with Souls remind us of the relationship we human beings have with nature, and they celebrate the personal relationships we have with each other.

In this beautiful animation Gaetano Fiorin captured the spirit and essence of Things with Souls

The Project

It all started with the desire to tell my children with a simple experience, where things come from, what they are used for, and how to appreciate them. The idea is to let objects tell the story of their origins through a reverse metamorphosis. In doing so, I realised that used things have an extraordinary value. They are filled with personal memories. I want to sublimate those things that may have lost their function, but have kept sentimental value. They become keepsakes to remember special people, moments and relationships, or they become unique gifts to present and transmit precious memories to someone dear. 


The Designer

Anita Klaiber Designer and  Founder of Things with Souls was born and raised in Switzerland. She lived, worked, studied and collected stories in many countries on three different continents, Europe, America and Asia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Product Design from Art Center College of Design and a Masters in Design Strategy from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Now she lives with her family in Lyon where she creates and custom tailors Things with Souls.