Your old ties get a new life as Butterties. As hairties the love to sit in your hair and as Brooches the can land on your clothes or anywhere else you can think of. Small left over pieces of silk ties are reincarnated into butterflies to tell us the story of silk. It is about the silk moth (Bombyx Mori) that lays tiny eggs and the hatched silkworms that spin the fine thread to wrap themselves into cocoons and wait to be metamorphosed into butterflies.

Butteries come wrapped up in a small 3 dimensional envelope that contains the story of the silk moth.

Technical Specifications

Butterties come in different sizes.  The sizes are approximative since it depends on how open the wings are..

S: Wingspan ~ 5cm

M: Wingspan ~ 6 cm

L: Wingspan ~ 7cm

XL: Wingspan ~ 8cm

If you would like to have your own batch of  Butterties made from one of your old ties, please contact me for more information