The long tailed Buttertie

The long tailed Buttertie is a bookmark, handcrafted with an old silk tie. It comes wrapped up in an envelope imprinted with the story of silk.

It is about the silk moth that lays an egg on a mulberry leaf and about the silkworm who spins a beautiful thread to make a cocoon. The silk is reeled off and used to make a precious silk tie. Old, torn or just out of fashion, the tie is transformed once more, into a long tailed Buttertie. The tail marks the pages of your favorite books and the butterfly escapes to display its colourful wings.

Technical Specifications

The long tailed Buttertie Bookworm is approximately 29 cm long and has a wingspan between 7-8 cm.

If you would like to have your own long tailed Buttertie made with one of your old ties, please contact me for more information